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Budget Airline Cabin Size Luggage Guide

Author: Mark Slater Created: 07/07/2014 Last Modified: 07/07/2014  
With many of the budget airlines having various weight and size restrictions for their carry on baggage policies things can get rather confusing when purchasing your cabin friendly luggage Hopefully this handy guide below, showing many of the major budget airlines carry on baggage rules and guidlines, will go some way to clarifing some of that confusion There is also a direct link to most of the airlines baggage pages so you can always check for any changes to their hand luggage and checked baggage policies!
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Fantastic Fashion Bags

Author: Mark Slater Created: 05/02/2015 Last Modified: 05/02/2015  
Here at The Bag Shop we pride ourselves on our fantastic range of fashion bags (Please note: We are not biased in any way whatsoever!) Many of the bags are designer inspired and all are manufactured using quality materials and fittings and as always, offered on sale at unbelievably low prices With ranges changing constantly and new stock arriving on a weekly basis, whether you are shopping online or instore, you can be assured you are getting the latest cutting edge designs at rock bottom prices Happy shopping to one and all :)
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Festival Season = Bum Bag Season

Author: Mark Slater Created: 07/07/2014 Last Modified: 07/07/2014  
It's festival season, and that means one thing: The bum bag is back big time. They're super useful to carry all your important stuff and you'll still be able to jump up, jump up, jump around with a light (or maybe not so light) refreshment in one hand and the other pointing towards the sky. They just make a whole lot of sense, so whether you refer to it as a bumbag, fanny pac, waist bag, belt pack, hip pack, buffalo pouch or moon bag are you for this useful hands free accessory or is it a big fat no from you for this 90's fashion trend? (and just remember mega stars like Rhianna are in the 'yes' camp, just incase you needed a little persuasion  
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Snake Skin Handles & Handbag Trends

Author: Mark Slater Created: 27/06/2014 Last Modified: 05/02/2015  
Mini Trend: Snakeskin Handles Two’s a coincidence, three’s a trend. It’s not just a saying – it tends to be true, especially when the “three” in question is a trio of handbags from major luxury designers that all share the same sort of peculiar detailing. In this case, it’s snakeskin handles against a bag that’s largely made of regular leather, and Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy have all bought in. Snakeskin is a bit of a non-intuitive choice for handles. It tends to be more delicate and and show more wear than flat leather, and because handles get more direct use and contact than most of the rest of a handbag, snakeskin has often been relegated to accenting other design elements. Perhaps because handbag trends have made a swing toward the minimal, though, designers are starting to use it on one of the only distinct spaces a simple tote or satchel has left: the handles. Obviously these designer bags come with a hefty price tag, so why not check out some of our amazingly priced designer inspired beauties here at The Bag Shop online    
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What we do here at The Bag Shop

Author: Mark Slater Created: 17/10/2013 Last Modified: 22/10/2013  
Choose from large range of handbags. Buy online from The Bag Shop, a leading designer bags and handbags store in UK. Get stylish leather handbags at great prices. Free UK postage over £50.
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