Bum Bags & Waist Bags

bum bag

Our bum bags, or waist bags, are practical, fun and fashionable accessories. Very versatile and perfect for travel, festivals, concerts or shopping around town. Here at The Bag Shop we have a fantastic selection of quality bum bags and waist bags and, as always, they offer exceptional value for money, with our range starting from just £6, you will find our prices very hard to beat, with a huge variety of shapes and sizes in choices of sheep nappa leather, micro fibre, polyester, ripstop nylon and P.U. you are sure to find your perfect bum bag.



waist bag

The waist bag, or fanny pack, as it is known in America, has numerous uses and is a great choice when you want to keep your personal or valuable belongings close to you. Many of our quality bumbags have phone pockets and multiple zipped compartments. With such a variety to choose from you no longer have to choose a plain black bum bag or plain coloured waist bag, we also have some great designs in funky colours and with some great vibrant and floral prints, meaning you can now stand out from the crowd when at your next festival, travelling to some far flung destination or closer to home and doing the local shop.



bum bags and waist bags

The bumbag is the perfect accessory to store items such as your mobile phone, digital camera, passport, money and travel documents, where ease of access along with secure storage are of paramount importance. We supply many large organizations with quantity orders of bumbags on a regular basis, so you can be sure when shopping at The Bag Shop, either on line or in store, that you are getting a quality product at a pretty much unbeatable price. With a selection from brands including Lorenz, Compass, Italia and Borderline you can be assured you are purchasing an item from a known and trusted brand.




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Showing 1–16 of 19 results